Friday, June 8, 2007

Project Overview

Fan fiction, the fair-use recasting of familiar characters from popular culture and the world of literature in new fictional adventures, has gained avid readership and some attention from mainstream media thanks to small-circulation print 'zines and web-based publications devoted to original works of fiction.

I am soliciting literary fiction that employs well-known characters, plots, and settings from literature, film, television, comics, video gaming, and other pop-culture sources to tell new and engaging stories.

Submit an innovatively structured story with a borrowed premise that examines storytelling modes or deconstructs familiar beloved/reviled characters. Submit a vividly written story that features chracters originally introduced by another author. Submit a story that explores the poltics of class and gender through repurposed characters and settings. Submit an interview with a author who has dabbled in fan fiction. Submit a critical essay on a fan fiction novel or play.